October 2019

I don’t quite know how to THANK YOU for making my mom’s Granddaughter’s wedding so special!!! Love all the pics, festive decorations, her corsage, and knowing that you were there with her. Marielena, thanks to you for making it all possible by getting the internet streaming set up, the doctor’s ok to bring in the bubbles and everything else that you arranged!! Truly priceless and so very appreciated.


September 2019

I wish to recognize EVERYONE. I can’t eliminate anyone. In my entire 3 week stay here, everyone has been professional, caring, courteous, friendly, proficient and downright nice. Sorry I couldn’t list everyone individually – Irine, RN is one of the best. Crystal, CNA and Manny, CNA are both tops. Thank you all.


July 2019

Just wanted to compliment all the wonderful staff in the Ocotillo Restaurant. The food was wonderful and we plan to stop by for lunch the next time we are in town.


May 2019

Our Care Manager, Kim was awesome to work with. She worked tirelessly to get us a convenient date to discharge that saved us a long extra trip.


July 2019

The Therapy Department is professional, caring, dedicated and truly cared about all my concerns (and I had a lot!!) They helped me regain strength, confidence and a good sense of humor despite all of my physical, mental and depression issues. And I am now 100% better than when I arrived 17 days ago. Kudos to all of them.


August 2019

Helen was invaluable at keeping my laundry done but really wonderful when I mentioned misplacing my glasses a few days before. She remembered finding some in the laundry and quickly retrieved them.


October 2019

Sandy is such a safe driver. I felt very comfortable with her plus she has such a happy personality.


July 2019

Each of the nurses – Glenda, Tess, Betsy, Irine, Lilian – made special memories for me. Irine and Lilian made me laugh. Glenda was fun and easy to remember as the “good witch”. She was fantastic with the small wounds on my arms too. Tess was prompt with my meds and seldom had to wake me as her timing was that good. Betsy had such pleasant personalities – all in all truly efficient nursing skills.


December 2019

I spent a lot of time with my mother in the Therapy gym. It is my opinion that the entire Therapy team is the best part of this facility. There is a consistency in positive attitude and competence that I have not experienced before. The restaurant is a very close second! I can honestly highly recommend the entire Therapy staff.


January 2020

John, the Physical Therapist (PT) worked with my mother on PT. I will never forget when we discovered that Mom was holding on working because she was afraid of falling. John was amazing – so good! He worked with her patiently and taught her that she could trust him. He would not let her fall. Mom took off from there, rapidly progressing. The trust carried over to other therapists that worked with her. John is very impressive.


January 2020

The Therapy department is the best part of this facility. All of the Therapists are amazing. Nellie was especially good with father. Dad’s eyes would light up when Nellie came to work with him. Nellie was able to get dad to do more than what he thought he was capable of doing. This was always done in a cheerful and positive manner. Nellie was also great at explaining to me how we could help dad and continue building his strength at home. Thank you Nellie.


February 2020

Mike worked with my mum on Occupational Therapy. He was excellent. Mike could cajole mum into pushing harder. This was always done in a respectful, pleasant and positive manner. Mike is certainly an asset for the Therapy department. I always had the feeling that mum’s progress was more than just part of his job. He liked her and from seeing mum’s reaction to Mike, I believe she also felt that connection.